Fairyland Merge & Magic

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A magical island with fairies and magical plants and creatures is waiting for you. Fairyland Merge & Magic is a bright game full of colours and characters, interesting tasks and a huge number of prizes and rewards.

How to play Fairyland Merge & Magic

The player finds himself in a real wonderland. Move around the map from location to location and get tasks. Get rewards for successfully completing the level.

Clear areas from fog, collect ingredients for a miraculous potion, find keys, and help the fairy pass exams and build fairy buildings. To create new objects and upgrade them, look for three identical items. Move them around the field and combine them.

The Fairyland Merge & Magic game is accompanied by comments, which allows you to quickly navigate the tasks and their implementation. For each level, the participant receives rewards: coins, gems, lightning and keys. All of these can be exchanged for upgrades, spent to open new locations or add new characters.

Help the young fairy collect cookies and create gingerbread houses. Very soon you will be able to discover another hero – Prince Charming.

You’ll need to be very careful not to lose your rewards. Use your strategy and create your own fairy-tale country. Get the maximum number of points and win the game.

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