Sushi Mahjong

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Do you like sushi? Then, try to overwhelm the difficulties of Sushi Mahjong.

Traditional Japanese food sushi suddenly became very popular in European countries. The gaming community could not stay away from this topic and right now we are offering you the game Sushi Mahjong, where sushi is the main character.

This is a mahjong puzzle, on the tiles of which hieroglyphs are replaced with images of different types of sushi. They are laid out on a flat plate in the form of a small flat pyramid. Find the same tasty pieces, and join them to unite and remove from the playing field. Each stage will give you access to more kinds of sushi and more challenges. The essence of the game is to collect the same pair and meet at a certain time.

The game has 50 exciting levels with a Japanese theme. The puzzle does not require special skills. If the player has reached a dead end, then he can take advantage of assistant bonuses. With their help, it will be easier to pass the level. The game opens to full screen and from the first minutes involves the user in its colourful gameplay.

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