Super Mahjong

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Unusual cubed mahjong need to be decomposed in the brand new Super Mahjong.

Super Mahjong is the latest version of the classic Chinese puzzle. Mahjong is a great way to have fun while developing your intelligence. These shapes will be various volumetric figures. Your time is limited, there are no tips and shuffles here. You have to work hard to decompose all the mahjong. Colourful and extraordinary mahjong with stunning three-dimensional graphics for all lovers of oriental puzzles. On the screen of the 3D game there will appear volumetric figures made of white cubes with various symbols. Some, to disassemble, will have to be rotated using the arrows on the sides of the playing field. Unlike other types of mahjong, this one is notable for the fact that even blocks squeezed by neighbours are removed here. To eliminate it, just select cubes with the same image.

With each level of play, designs will become increasingly difficult. This 3D Mahjong will certainly give you a lot of positive impressions.

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