Candy Match 3

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A wonderful journey through the colourful land of sweets is waiting for you. Candy Match 3 is an original matching style puzzle game. The player’s task is to collect identical symbols in a row.

How to play Candy Match 3

Use the instructions and rules of the Candy Match 3 game at the beginning. Look at the elements on the board. Swap two elements to line up three or more tiles in a row. Each level has a separate task: to collect a certain amount of sweets of the same type.

Various blasters and boosters help you complete the mission faster. Striped candies, coloured bombs and other elements destroy the tiles horizontally or vertically, of the same colour and type, or all around.

Try to move accurately as the number of moves in each Candy Match 3 game is limited. If you run out of moves and the mission is not completed, start the level from the beginning.

Upon completion, the player is shown a scoreboard with the results: the number of stars indicating the quality of the level, coins and cups. Get together with your friends and have a real competition. Set records and improve them.

The Candy Match 3 game trains logic, improves spatial thinking, develops attention and the ability to focus on small details.

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