Kyodai Mahjong

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Welcome to the world of mahjong, in which you can train your attention and mind.

Kyodai Mahjong is a kind of traditional Chinese puzzle with slightly modified rules that turn the game into an exciting quest. In this similarity of solitaire, there are 12 levels and a three-minute timer for completing each of them. You will not get bored. The player has a standard task to combine the same tiles and clear the playing field. Compare images carefully and be patient. After your successful moves, bonus seconds will be added to your score. You will see a variety of signs and pictures. With each level, the complexity of the game Kyodai Mahjong increases.

There will be more tiles and more new patterns. When passing the fourth level after each move the tiles are shifted and it is not easy to predict successful combinations. Finding similar tiles is difficult due to unusual design and it’s difficult to remember patterns. Kyodai Mahjong makes you act quickly and decisively. This is a great chance to train your memory and mindfulness while having fun.

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