Fruit Lines

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Line up fresh fruit and get a positive charge. Fruit Lines is a colourful game with a fruit and berry theme. Simple tasks and clear rules are within the power of the youngest players, and adults will be able to improve their mindfulness and intelligence.

How to play Fruit Lines game?

The Fruit Lines game takes place on a field consisting of empty cells with fruit or berries. Move the elements to create a horizontal or vertical line of five identical images. To do this, click on a berry and on the empty cell where you want to move the element.

After each move, the remaining empty cells are filled with three new fruits and berries. The next images are shown in the upper window. Weigh up each move to quickly make a chain of five identical elements.

Game options

Use the special options: move cancellation, bomb and hammer to destroy tiles. Get as many points as possible and win the game. Play every day and get rewards. If you want to get extra bonus boosters, spin the wheel of fortune. A prize awaits everyone.

Sort the fruit, develop your own strategy, improve your logic and spatial thinking, and win.

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