Black Friday Mahjong

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Black Friday is a great time to have fun. Even with the online game Black Friday Mahjong. Collect discounts, products and get access to the next level.

How to play Black Friday Mahjong

The bright design of the playing field resembles a walk in the shops. Tiles with images of goods, gifts and discounts are placed in front of the participant. The player’s task is to select the tiles with the same patterns and click on them. If the choice is correct, the elements will disappear from the playing field and open access to the next ones.

With each new level, the task becomes more complicated because the tiles are arranged in several floors. You can choose only those drawings that are highlighted in white. All others need to be unlocked. There can be more than one image on each tile.

Keep an eye on the timer. When the scale is empty, start the level from the beginning.

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There are hints and an option to shuffle the pictures. If you can’t find a match, use the hint. When the combination is deadlocked, shuffle the pictures and continue playing.

Collect identical pairs of images, successfully complete the level and open the next one. Train your attention, logical thinking and enjoy the Black Friday Mahjong game.

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