Mahjong Connect Full Screen

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One of the popular versions of the Mahjong Connect game that can be played full screen. The game is available in HTML5 format (NO FLASH!), and that means you don’t need to download it.
Just relax a bit and play online for free!

Also, this version is an enhanced version. It differs from the previous one with a new more modern design, slightly modified tiles.

How to play Mahjong Connect Full Screen

The task of the Mahjong Connect Full Screen game you are familiar with – to connect all the paired tiles to completely clear the playing field from them!

How to win the game

In our experience, try to start connecting the tiles from the very edge of the playing field, this will give you the opportunity to connect all the tiles 20% faster and win the game!

We also advise at the very beginning of the game quickly view the playing field for the presence of paired tiles that stand next to each other. This will also speed up the clearing by 10%!

Limited time

The game still has a timer. So don’t get distracted if you want to win!

12 Levels

There are still 12 levels in the game! But the graphics in the game is new, and therefore there will be something to work on!

Play Mahjong Connect full screen for free without downloading, just open this page and start playing!

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