Mahjong Classic Style

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Mahjong Classic Style is incredibly accurate in creating the atmosphere of an ancient Chinese game.

Mahjong Classic Style has lots of levels. Thanks to its graphic and musical moments, as well as its beautiful design, graphics and soothing music. The game has rules that are the same as in the classic version of the puzzle game. You need to find the same tiles. Only those tiles in which one side is open can be removed. Use the mouse to select two identical tiles. You can only take that tile on which there are no other tiles and which has at least one side open.

Four tiles with the image of flowers and four with the image of the seasons are identical. Although the pattern may not exactly match. Find as many identical tiles as possible in the shortest possible time. No matter what game style you prefer, Mahjong Classic Style will entertain you for hours and at the same time serve as a digital entertainment for your mind and soul. The game will surely appeal to all fans of mahjong.

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