Super Mario Mahjong

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In this puzzle, all the heroes of the popular game will appear in a new role.
Super Mario Mahjong is a new version of the puzzle game where you need to fight, jump and find hiding places. Be smart, turn on your awareness, challenge all your experience and then you will become a winner. Initially, there are 144 tiles in the Super Mario Mahjong.

You need to remove all these tiles in pairs and clear the playing field. You will lose if there are tiles that cannot be matched left on the playing field. Tiles with the images of characters of the game are arranged in layers. Some tiles in the Super Mario Mahjong are free. It means that neighbouring elements do not prevent their removal from the layout. If you do not see where one layer ends and another begins, look more precisely.

Look at these tiles and find the same ones. Click on them and get the first points in the game. The lower fragments are not available, but they should be taken into account to find a better move and make effective combinations.

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