Real Mahjong

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Play one of the most popular puzzle games in the world.

Today in the Real Mahjong game we want to offer you to solve several difficult puzzles. On the screen, you will see the playing field with game tiles lying all over it. On each of them, you can see pictures. You will need to inspect all objects and find completely identical ones. Having selected both objects with a mouse click, you remove them from the playing field and get points. Your task is to clear the playing field of all objects as quickly as possible. This game is ideal for lovers of classic solitaire puzzles. There are 18 combinations to choose from.

The game time is limited, at any time you can highlight the tiles or snuffle the pyramid. It would seem that it can be done very easily. Look for the same pictures, click on them and gradually disassemble the structure until it completely disappears. But it’s not so simple. Only extra tiles can be removed. At the most unexpected moment, you can be out of available moves.

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