Tu mahjong

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Tu mahjong is a popular puzzle game whose main goal is to remove all tiles from the playing field.

The player must look for paired elements that are free. You can also remove tiles in the central part if they are nearby. By clicking on them one by one they are removed from the playing field. Mahjong is a philosophical world for everyone, and everyone can find something different in this game. Follow the rules of mahjong by choosing pictures that are located on the edges and have two free adjacent sides.

Tu mahjong will challenge your thinking skills on how to match all of these Chinese tiles. As you progress, other objects may come across, they will be folded into a special place, where you can see them. A store is available to players.

There you can buy items that will help in the game. To pick up a pair of tiles, you should note that there must not be any obstacles that would cause the imaginary line connecting them to turn more than two times. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect the tiles.

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