Dream Farm Link Mahjong

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Dream Farm Link Mahjong is an entertaining puzzle game for those who like mahjong .

At each of the levels, you will find a certain figure from the elements that differ in their drawings. In the allotted time, you will need to find a pair for each element to clear the playing field and earn the maximum number of points. The main feature is the farm theme. It is expressed not only in the design of the interface but also in the drawings on various objects.

The multi-level game Dream Farm Link Mahjong is perfect for both adults and children. Find the same tiles with funny pictures and remove them from the playing field. The game has a time limit. Try to finish the level as quickly as possible. In case you are at a dead-end, use the tips. Animals will make characteristic sounds: grunting, meowing, barking, clucking, and tractors and other agricultural machinery will growl with displeasure.

Disassemble the chaos that formed into the mahjong pyramids in Dream Farm Link Mahjong.

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