Fresh Fruit Mahjong

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Fresh Fruit Mahjong is everyone’s favourite classic Mahjong, but with one difference.

In the new exciting game Fresh Fruit Mahjong, you can play Chinese Mahjong. You will be dealing with fruit instead of Chinese hieroglyphs, which greatly simplifies the task. On the screen, you will see a playing field filled with different game tiles. As you can see, the tiles have images of various fruits on them. Oranges, watermelons, apples and other fruits are scattered in different parts of the playing field. Clear the playing field from mahjong fruit tiles.

You will have to carefully examine everything and find two identical fruits on the tiles. By clicking on them with the mouse, select an appropriate pair and thus remove them from the playing field. This action will give you points. Remember that you need to clear the field as quickly as possible to move to the next level of this fascinating game. Use the tips not to waste the time of the game. Have fun combining colourful mahjong tiles with fresh fruits. What level can you reach?

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