1001 Arabian Night Mahjong

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In the game 1001 Arabian Night Mahjong, climb into the treasury and pick up the most valuable items .

In chests filled with multi-coloured precious stones: rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, more expensive things with magical abilities are hidden. You should not fill your pockets with crystals, even the most expensive ones. Magic artefacts will bring you unlimited freedom, any treasures will be available to you, and extraordinary abilities will be added with them. Items are divided into parts and are hidden among crystals. You need to lower the fragments down, building three or more identical tiles in rows or columns.

Collecting more than three elements in 1001 Arabian Nights, you can charge the crystal ball, and then use it to destroy the interfering tiles. Together with the pieces, lower down various useful bonuses: hourglass for prolonging time, bombs, lightning and more. Remember the time that is the sand in the clock in the upper right corner is steadily decreasing.

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