Mahjong Numbers

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Mahjong numbers is the classic game of mahjong with Chinese characters may seem rather complicated for many players.

The difficulty is that such characters are easily confused. It’s easier to figure out the numbers. This mahjong consists of 100 different levels with numbers. The goal of the puzzle is to remove all tiles from the playing field. You need to find the same pairs that are not blocked on both sides by other tiles. To remove them, just click on the pair with the mouse. If you can’t see the moves, you can click on the hint that is in the lower-left corner.

There is also a shuffle button and a restart. To solve the puzzle you need to remove tiles from the playing field. Look for matching pairs that are available and not locked with other tiles on the left and right. To delete them, click on the pair of tiles. If you can’t see the options for the moves, click on the hint. It is located at the left bottom corner. There you can find the button for mixing the tiles and restarting the game.

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