Free War Mahjong

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Free War Mahjong is mahjong for real men.

An interesting version of the game is Military Mahjong. The most recent game appeared in the original interpretation of the military. The symbols on the tiles are ammunition, elements of uniforms and small arms. You have to pay attention and pass the level. To do this, simply select a pair of identical images with a mouse. Marked pictures instantly free up the playing space and bring prize points.

Follow the main conditions for a military victory and immediately pick up stylized paired images. In this puzzle game, you have to remove the same tiles, but only those that are nearby. There is another layer under the first row of tiles. When removed from the second field, all the tiles go down, occupying the resulting free space. As in a usual puzzle, removing tiles from the playing field you will see how the background image is changed. If there will be no more options with paired tiles, you have the option to delete one element. You can see the number of such opportunities on the left in the form of bombs.

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