Mahjong Cats

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In the game Mahjong Cats, you have to find a pair of identical tiles.

At first glance, everything is simple, but the cats were insidious. The fact is that they are quite similar to each other, although they froze in different poses. The real test! Besides, this mahjong has a time limit. You need to find pairs of identical fluffies quickly. The game has 21 levels, a real test even for kitty lovers. While the timer detects 10 minutes, click on the tiles with the same animals. For the move to count, identical cells must be next to each other. Scattered cats at different ends of the field are not sorted. If you meet the specified time and fold the Mahjong Cats completely then you will go to the next level. In each new test, players will have to increasingly incorporate logic.

They decided to redo the legendary logic game with tiles, now you will find a cheerful beautiful atmosphere of cats. Previously, you had difficulty looking for tiles depicting Chinese characters that are extremely difficult to remember. Now such injustice is a thing of the past. Funny cats are depicted on the tiles, their cute faces are easy to remember, so completing the levels becomes a simple task, although certain difficulties will be closer to the final quests.

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