12 level Mahjong

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12 level Mahjong is a puzzle game based on a traditional Chinese game that has been popular for centuries.

The game of Mahjong is several centuries old, but today it becomes even more popular. To play the game, you must find a suitable pair of tiles with the same symbol on both of them. This pair must be removed from the playing area and you will be left with fewer tiles the next turn. You will end the game and win by removing all tiles from the playing field. There are many exciting levels to play. They will test your thinking skills and abilities. But you do not have to pass one level to go to the next one.

Choose a multi-level pyramid in the menu and solve puzzles as long as you want. You can use a hint button endlessly. Mix tiles when you no longer see suitable combinations. The goal of 12 level Mahjong game is very simple. Find 2 free tiles with the same symbols and combine them to remove them from the playing field. Look for the next two tiles and continue to play until the playing field will be empty.

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