Mahjong Slide

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Mahjong Slide is a variation of mahjong combined with slide shifts.

Mahjong Slide is another variation of the popular Chinese board game. The rules of the classic mahjong are simple. You need to clear the playing field of tiles, choosing two identical ones. But, this game is still more interesting. Here you need to shift the tiles so that two or more are near. Only in this case, they will disappear.

The game resembles a mixture of mahjong and Tetris. With each new level, complexity increases, new patterns appear on the tiles, their arrangement becomes more complicated. You can think as much as you like, but the player’s actions are limited by moves. Graphically, the game performed very well. The tiles are drawn qualitatively. The interface is simple and straightforward. The musical component is just the sounds of moving tiles and pressing buttons.

This puzzle will appeal to both fans of the classic mahjong and those who want to practice their thinking. There are concessions here. You can undo up to the last 5 actions, or delete a few extra tiles.

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