Original Mahjong

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We present you a very interesting puzzle game Original Mahjong .

The task of the game is to find identical tiles along the edges of the pyramid, click on them with the mouse and remove them from the playing field. Control of the logical game of Mahjong is made with the left mouse button. Click on one tile, then on the second. Start the game and you will immediately understand everything.

The strategy of the game Original Mahjong is that you need not just click on all the tiles in a row, but think which tile to remove first, and which second and third. Mahjong is an ancient Chinese puzzle or logic game invented by Confucius, as the legends say. Mahjong brings you a lot of fun. Many use Mahjong to develop logical thinking or as educational games for children. It is simple and acceptable to all ages and various levels of logical preparation of a person. The game is very interesting, has its logical line and will give great pleasure to collectors and lovers of logical games and puzzles.

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