Kris Mahjong 3

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Logic game Kris Mahjong 3 is exactly what you have always been looking for.

An interesting, exciting and informative game that develops thinking and allows you to spend time with benefit. This game originated many centuries ago, then the philosophers invented it so that their children would become as smart as they are. A lot of time has passed and today Mahjong is still one of the most useful and interesting games.

The concept of the game is simple. There are a large number of game elements on a large playing field. Immediately pay attention to the fact that there are identical elements. They must be combined to remove from the playing field. The game will end when the field will be empty, or when the time ends. For each destruction of elements, you will receive game points, which will then form your personal rating. If you lose at the first level, then do not be upset. Better, play a few more games, and you will see how you take your first steps in this smart game.

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