Mahjong Grand Master

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Mahjong Grand Master game is perfect for professionals who know a lot about the ancient Chinese game.

At the same time, beginners have a great opportunity to learn the basics of this logical puzzle. In the new exciting game Mahjong Grand Master, we want to offer you to play such a famous Chinese puzzle as Mahjong. On the screen, you will see game tiles with various pictures and hieroglyphs applied to them. You need to carefully inspect all of these items and find identical images. Now you need to select them with the click of your mouse. When you remove them from the playing field, you will get points for it.

This is a classic mahjong game with several additional and very useful features such as shuffling, hints, highlighting and most importantly, a level editor. This interesting mahjong game has an amazing and unique level editor. The gameplay is exactly like in the classic mahjong game, and you can choose from various templates. There are three difficulty levels to match the skills of the player.

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