Puzzle mahjong

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Want to try your hand at Puzzle mahjong solitaire?

Then start the Puzzle mahjong solitaire game, where you are already waiting for the first level of this fascinating puzzle, in which you need to remove all the tiles with icons from the playing field. Look for paired tiles and select them with your mouse, observing the only rule of the game. These tiles mustn’t be blocked by other tiles. In the process of online games, you need to look for the same tiles and remove them from the playing field, and you can also move and change their styles. Its rules are quite simple, although the game requires perseverance, attentiveness and intelligence.

You can play unlimited in time and get points that are directly proportional to the time it took to complete the level. An advanced hint system will help in building the algorithm of possible moves. These games have colourful graphics, laid-back sound and a large number of options for the style of the playing field.

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