Kids Mahjong

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Kids Mahjong is a travel game that will bring you through a magical forest full of cute animals.

There are simple rules in this kind of mahjong. Two tiles can be joined if they are separated by no more than two moves.

The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the playing field. Train your eyesight and logical skills. Your task is to find paired pictures and click on them with the left mouse button, while the pictures should be in the direct reach zone. If everything goes well, then the next level will begin. If during the game you have reached a dead-end where you don’t know how to go further, use special bonuses in the lower-left corner.

There are three treasured buttons: tooltip, shuffle and bomb. Use the hint if you don’t see a suitable option. Activating the bomb, you will destroy two tiles. Mixing gives you a chance to quickly find additional pairs of tiles. Your ultimate goal is to remove all elements from the field and do it for a limited time.

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