Animals Connect 3

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Bright online puzzle game Animals Connect 3 will delight every child.

The goal of Animals Connect 3 is to find all four parts of animals. For each level, you have 20 minutes. Keeping up with time is much easier if you open solitaire in full screen. The goal of the game is to collect an image of an animal. It consists of four parts. You can only combine tiles that are open on top and the right or left side. When all the pieces of the puzzle are found, they are combined into a whole animal. For example, you can find a dog, an octopus, an owl and more exotic animals. After successive clicking on the corresponding pictures, the collected animals will disappear. You can always use the hint or change the layout. You can click only on open images.

As in other games of this cycle Zoo Mahjong provides tips in case you can not find all four parts of one animal for too long. And, also, the game has a time limit. Please hurry up, otherwise, the game will be lost, and the zoo will remain empty.

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