Sports Mahjong

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You will spend many exciting minutes in a logic game Sports Mahjong.

An addictive online puzzle Sports Mahjong will be great entertainment for those who love this Chinese solitaire. Classic mahjong has been popular for many years. All kinds of pictures can be placed on tiles and most often, these are images of the same theme.

This time the tiles with hieroglyphs are replaced by tiles with the images of sports equipment. It is still on the list of our favourite games. In the game, you will see most of the sports items and all of them will be located on the mahjong tiles. Search and delete pairs of identical tiles located at the edges of the pyramid. Be smart and attentive while solving the mahjong puzzle. The ultimate goal is to completely disassemble the pyramid. To do this is not so difficult, but mindfulness and strategy are very important in this game. In any case, you can use the tips.

If there are no more possible moves, you can either stop the game or shuffle the tiles. You will lose if at the end of the game the remaining two tiles do not match.

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