Mahjong Story 2

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It’s time to go for a walk through a fantastic city with May and her tame ferret, where surprises await you at every turn. Mahjong Story 2 is an exciting game with a huge number of rewards and challenges that will require wit and attentiveness.

How to play Mahjong Story 2 game

The goal of the Mahjong Story 2 game is to free the board from the tiles. Choose identical images, click with the mouse button. If you select a pair of tiles correctly, they will disappear. Choose only active tiles. They are not blocked on the right or left by other tiles. Each level has a special task – to collect specific elements of a specified colour or design.

On the screen, the player can track information about the state of the game. The scoreboard shows the total number of tiles, the number of available moves, and the success scale. The more points a player gets, the faster the scale fills up. You can get a maximum of three stars by completing the level as quickly as possible and without prompts.

Game boosters

You can simplify the task by using boosters. They become available during the game, depending on the number of levels opened and completed and the rewards received in the form of coins. For example, fireworks can be used to destroy all identical cubes at once.

Make your way through the game, win rewards, and unlock new levels.

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