Traditional Mahjong

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A classic set of tiles is involved in the layouts. Bamboos, symbols, cardinal points, flowers and seasons – in a word, a classic.

The layouts are different and vary from level to level. Designs such as towers consist of numerous floors, lower structures of tiles, as a rule, do not exceed three or four tiers. The ability to change the style of pictograms or drawings on tiles in the game is missing. So, the classic interpretation is a game against the clock. Choose a layout and proceed to disassemble it. In the lower right corner, the timer will show you the rest of the time.

The game has one feature. Until you complete the entire first page of levels, you will not be allowed to enter the second. However, if you are interested in mahjong, then it will be easy for you to go through these stages. We advise and recommend to go through all levels of the game, if you are a fan of mahjong, then this series is sure to give you pleasure. The first and main, which has already become classic, advice. Do not rush to make a decision. Look for the best move, not paying attention to the strip of time.

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