Big Mahjong

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In the game Mahjong Big, incredible challenges are waiting for you every day.

If you like mahjong, this version of the classic board game is perfect for you. The game has over 100 boards with cool designs. Connect the tiles and try to do this task as quickly as possible to earn three stars. But click only on the identical ones. The puzzles in this game will be added and updated. Enjoy the familiar interface and tiles with hieroglyphs or a floral pattern with numbers on them. They are stacked in pyramids. Look at the edges to pair the identical elements. For convenience, accessible tiles are lit and inaccessible tiles are darkened.

Play Mahjong Big – the best and coolest Mahjong solitaire game ever. With over 4,000 levels and fun graphics, this mahjong solitaire game is just one of the best games of 2020. Pass all levels, enjoy vivid graphics and pleasant music. Start your Mahjong tour with Mahjong Big and become the king of the most famous board game.

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