Dream Love Link Mahjong

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Dream Love Link Mahjong is still a very popular kind of a solitaire.
This logic game will appeal to absolutely everyone. In the game Dream Love Link, there is an option to play an endless and arcade versions of the game.

Tiles are designed in the form of various gifts. A little amount of time is given for one game, so hurry up. In this puzzle game, you need to connect different pictures in a line. After among the many different types of pictures you find the same, hurry up to put them together in two pieces. When they disappear, space will appear in their place. For each pair of identical tiles, you will get 100 points.

You can eliminate the tiles that interfere with the process by pressing the bomb icon in the right lower corner of the screen. You can get the bomb back by removing two tiles with its image from the playing field. This option is available only one time per game. You can get a hint by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. You can mix the tiles on the playing field by clicking on the arrow icon.

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