Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong

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Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong is a classic puzzle game to relax.

It is a new version of the well-known classic game, which is designed for both adults and young players. The game has acquired a modern design, and the sound range has improved. The principle of the game remained unchanged. The goal is still to clear the playing field of tiles. Look for free paired tiles and delete them by clicking on them. Free tiles must be open on the left, right and top sides. There are no time limits. The only thing that will make you lose is the inability to make a move, due to the presence of the last identical tiles one under another.

In the game Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong there are two game modes “Shanghai” for experienced players and the mode “For Kids”. A children’s mode has a small number of tiles, which can also be used by inexperienced players to understand the rules of the game and develop their skills. The game has a great graphic design that you’ll love. Online game Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong is another logical game to test your attentiveness and logical skills.

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