Sweet Mahjong (Sugar Mahjong)

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Sweet Mahjong (Sugar Mahjong) reminds the popular game Candy Mania.

There are approximately 100 levels where you need to remove all available tiles from the playing field. Each one depicts a certain kind of sweets. With the speed of reaction and hand motility, a bonus of 2 seconds will be added for each series of successful combinations.

The ultimate goal is to reach the castle, passing all levels. Each of them is complicated, with the addition of new elements. The mechanics of the game is simple and mastered in a short time. You will be awarded stars for the speed of the game. Follow the indicator on top of the game screen. You will find many exciting levels, the complexity of which will increase as you progress through the game.

In general, we are sure that you will like the game not only due to the graphics and design, but also thanks to the well-thought-out script. Invite your friends to play Sugar Mahjong and find out which of you is smarter and faster.

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