Mahjong Link

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The colourful tiles of the traditional oriental board game are waiting for you. Look at the tiles, find a match and have fun with Mahjong Link. The game has simple and straightforward rules and is loved by adults and children alike. It’s time to train your mind and take a break from everyday activities.

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How to play Mahjong Link

There are tiles on the board in rows. The task of the participant is to collect all the tiles in pairs and clear the field of them. You can choose tiles with identical patterns that are adjacent to each other or you can draw a line between them with a maximum of two turns. For your convenience, the tiles are numbered in addition to the images.

Extra time

At the bottom of the screen is a timer scale. Each successful move adds extra time to the game. In a difficult situation, use the hint. Identical chips will be highlighted. When the timer runs out, the game ends. Start over and achieve a better result.

After successfully completing the first level, the player gets access to the next. The task becomes more difficult. Use your mindfulness, concentration, and focus on the details.

Play with friends or alone, organise tournaments and competitions. Improve your wits. Visual memory and logical thinking. Collect tiles and enjoy the original oriental theme.

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