Mahjong Dogs Connect

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A simple and entertaining game for beginners with funny characters. Search for identical images, get rewards and set records in Mahong Dogs Connect. Cute dogs, logic tasks, and colourful graphics are the perfect components of a great game.

How to play Mahong Dogs Connect

There are tiles with the image of puppies on the playing field. The elements are arranged in several rows. Look at the pictures and find the identical tiles. Click a pair of identical cubes and they will disappear. Clear the board of chips as quickly as possible and get the maximum number of points on your score.

Choose only those tiles that have identical images and are not blocked on the left or right side. With each new level, the number of tiles becomes larger, their location changes, and the task becomes more difficult.

The participant can use auxiliary options. Click on a hint and the next move will be highlighted. The duration of the Mahong Dogs Connect game is limited by the timer. Try to collect all the tiles before the time runs out.

At the end of the Mahong Dogs Connect game, you can record your score by entering your name. Win levels and improve your score. Set records and compete with your friends. Choose the next level and move forward to win. Unused hints and time will add points to your score.

Funny dogs will cheer you up and give you unrivalled emotions from the game.

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