Lappa Connect Mahjong

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In the game Lappa Connect Mahjong, we will go to the farm where the cheerful puppy and his friends live.

Meet a funny dog named Lappa and his little friend. They love to draw and play board games. Once they decided to combine two their favourite activities drawing and puzzles. This game is designed for those who like to spend their free time laying out a variety of puzzles. Today together with them we will play an intellectual game. There will be various objects that lie on the grass.

You need to find two identical images and connect them with lines at right angles, which should not be more than two. If a tile is in the way of the connection, it will not work. This will give you points. Play the Lappa Connect game and complete all levels with cute characters.

The game Lappa Connect Mahjong has beautiful graphics and good music, which creates a pretty pleasant atmosphere that will be appreciated by players of all ages. Each new level will bring you a more complex task, but we are sure that you will cope with the task.

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