Mahjong Titans

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One of the most difficult Chinese solitaire games is Mahjong Titans.

To pass it you really need to make a titanic effort. You can spend hours sitting online in search of a pair of tiles. But not everyone will be able to pass it. After all, collecting all the tiles in pairs is not so easy to do. It is important to have attentiveness and perseverance. But at first glance, this mahjong has its pitfalls, and it is very important not to run into them. It is necessary to choose those tiles that have an identical pattern and are not blocked by others.

The block on the tile is held in the case when something prevents it from lifting from above or from both long sides. The more tiles are opened with a new move, the better this move is for you. But you can remove unpaired tiles as well. For example, in the form of men who symbolize the seasons. They are dressed in appropriate clothing and colours. They can be removed in pairs by type. A player can only rely on himself and his mind.

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