Mahjong King

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Walk the glorious path of the knight in the game Mahjong King.

Overcome difficult obstacles, bravely fighting enemies, scary monsters and other knights claiming glory for their exploits. The road lies from a small village to a city surrounded by thick walls and a moat. In the city, a king is waiting for you to reward for a successful trip and showered with honours. Physical strength is not needed here. You wonโ€™t have to chop on swords, but logical thinking and attentiveness will be a necessary condition for the successful completion of the mission.

You have to remove pairs of identical tiles from the playing field, playing Mahjong King Solitaire. It does not look like classic mahjong, because the tiles depict knightly iron armour, swords of various designs, famous noble arms and other attributes, without which the warrior is not a knight and also royal regalia. After all, the journey will end in royal chambers. The game Mahjong King combines the mysterious heroic Middle Ages with an ancient logical game.

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