Mahjong Journey

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Mahjong Journey is a logical puzzle game in which players can go their way to new unbelievable impressions.

Here are more than 20 different boards for you to play. After completing this journey, you will gain the wisdom of the ages by opening bonuses and receiving additional information. While playing you will enjoy the pleasant design with the views and sounds of the majestic rainforest, while you combine precious stones and other treasures in the ancient temple. Parsing hundreds of pyramids of different configurations on your way, remove pairs of identical tiles from the playing field as quickly as possible and get special prizes for your achievements.

Your time in this game is limited. Try to manage to combine tiles at all wonderful levels of this mahjong game. At each level, you need to score a certain amount of points. The more you get, the higher your score will be. Complete the level as quickly as possible and set the record. Solve puzzles, combine tiles and relax, as well as use powerful boosters and travel around the world.

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