Mahjong Fortuna

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Mahjong Fortuna is connected with fortune and with the horoscope signs.

The tiles of the Mahjong Fortuna are decorated with zodiac signs. There are also tiles with the seasons. The layouts are unusual, but not overly complicated. Before starting, you will see a horoscope for the current sign. On the playing field, the player can see various images and symbols at several levels.

The main task is to search for pairs of identical tiles. Correctly indicate the same pictures to free the playing field and open the symbols below them. It is worth being attentive because various pictures are located close to each other in all areas of the playing field. Guess the pairs and get points, but do not forget about the time limit. If the tile is closed on top or on the other two long sides, then you will not take it. The horoscope only sets the theme, bringing astrological notes to the gaming process. You will quickly get used to the drawings on the tiles. They are bright, noticeable and well distinguishable from each other.

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