Pop Blocks

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Help the cute kitten travel around the room. Pop Blocks is an interesting game with simple rules that gives everyone a positive attitude, creates a situation of success and helps to relax.

How to play Pop Blocks

Each level aims to collect a certain number of game elements. All you need to do is click on a combination of identical symbols to make them disappear from the field. The next chips move to an empty space.

Chains of five or more identical tiles create additional boosters, such as bombs, rockets and colourful flowers. Use them to quickly destroy a large number of elements or pieces of the same colour.

As you move through the locations, replenish your supply of power-ups to improve your results. The plant demolishes the entire column of tiles, the rocket erases the entire row at once, and the hammer allows you to get rid of one tile to complete the combination. Each next step is complicated by obstacles on the field.

The player has a limited number of moves to complete the mission. When the counter stops at zero, you can buy additional moves for coins or play again.

Vivid graphics and original design create a playful mood. The tasks are aimed at developing logic and spatial thinking. Apply an individual strategy and take top positions in the rankings.

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