Elite Mahjong

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Elite Mahjong is a new version of a classic matching game for experienced players looking for a new challenge.

Mahjong is a very famous and popular puzzle that has existed for many centuries. It is not surprising that during this time the game has undergone many changes. Mahjong is ideal because this game is popular with everyone. Elite Mahjong is a new look at the classic game. Take a break from routine life and play the best puzzle.

The game is popular with any age. Most importantly, the rules are the same as in the classic game. The tiles should not be blocked, you need to connect two pairs of identical tiles. The only difference is that there would not be much distance between the tiles. Most importantly, in order not to lose, you need to collect as many tiles as possible. The task of the game is to remove tiles with the same pictures. You can choose those tiles that have a small distance between each other. The path from one tile to another can be either long or short, but most importantly at a right angle.

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