Mahjong Story

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In Mahjong Story, you will find many levels at which you will play the board game of mahjong.

Mahjong Story solitaire is a mindfulness and memory game in which the player needs to find two tiles with the same images and click on them with the mouse to remove them from the playing field. To do this, it will spread the tiles on the playing field. They will have various designs on them. To conduct a magical ritual, you will need to remove all objects from the playing field. To do this, search for two identical objects and select them with a mouse click. And remember mahjong is one of the best logic and attention games.

This is a multi-level game. In each new level, there are more and more mahjong tiles. The level will be completed when the player removes all the tiles from the playing field or completes the task of collecting Golden Tiles. For a quick passage at the end of each level you will be awarded stars from 1 to 3. For 3 stars, additional โ€œlivesโ€, souvenirs and game currency that can be spent on in-game purchases are issued.

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