Farm Connect 3

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Enjoy this fun and challenging puzzle game.

The Farm Connect 3 game is an enjoyable puzzle game that easily attracts your attention for several hours. Enjoy this simple, but at the same time, extremely addictive gameplay to find the same fruits and vegetables and other stuff. In this game, as in the classic mahjong, you need to clear the playing field of tiles in the least amount of time. After passing the first introductory level, it may seem to you that it is very easy. But when you move on, you will feel real interest. When looking for suitable pairs, do not forget about the timer. Will you manage to connect each pair before the time runs out?

Play the Farm Connect 3 and you will forget about all of your problems. Help the farmer move along the path passing all levels of this mahjong. You can find here various garden tools, plants, animals and many others. To win, you need to clear the whole playing field. Gaining game points is very easy. It is enough to pass the levels quickly and your points will be collected in the high score table.

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