Lost Island Mahjongg

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Lost Island Mahjongg is another fascinating version of the puzzle game Mahjong.

This time we will go on a mystical adventure with you and will look for pairs of identical tiles. In this mystical mahjong, your task at each level will be to collect a certain amount of precious stones. Mahjong has never been so exciting. In this game, logical adventures in the world of mysticism and magic are waiting for you. Play mahjong with a mystical setting, collect tiles with the same badges with two sides open. Find bonus tiles at every stage for an endless game. Is a great opportunity to have fun. You will not just search for two identical pictures on the tiles.

You must look for certain images of precious stones: rubies, emeralds, diamonds and other gems. Goals are indicated on the top panel of the screen. In the game Lost Island Mahjongg it is not necessary to clear the playing field of elements completely. It is enough to find and collect the necessary objects and the level will be passed.

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