Frozen Mahjong

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Frozen Mahjong puzzle game is a great way to have fun and relax.

In the game Frozen Mahjong you should find tiles with similar symbols and images. Over a long time the logic Mahjong puzzles existed, they managed to release a large number of modifications and changes. Ice tiles with cute pictures of penguins, decorated Christmas trees, deer, snowmen, gift socks are waiting for you.

There are also some tiles with traditional hieroglyphs. Look carefully and delete the same tiles located at the edges. You have to choose from several options for identical pairs, so the choice should be conscious and strategically important. When searching for the necessary similar pairs of tiles, you can apply a hint or shuffle elements on the playing field. The hint can be found in the right lower corner of the playing field. Snow tiles should not be delineated by other tiles on the sides or left. When they disappear a distinctive ice crack is heard. It’s important to pass the level quickly and confidently, to get the highest score.

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