Microsoft Mahjong

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This bright and colourful Chinese puzzle game gives everyone relaxation and rest. Microsoft Mahjong has an atmospheric background, original graphics, and interesting tasks that allow you to keep your mind in good shape.

How to play Microsoft Mahjong

The player has three difficulty levels and an expert level. In each level, the first combination of tiles is revealed. Solve the puzzle and open the next task. In addition, players can choose the background and theme of the game. Colourful, soothing landscapes allow you to fully concentrate on the game and not be distracted from the tasks.

If necessary, a short tutorial is available to familiarise participants with the rules. Among the hints available to the player is the highlighting of alternative moves, the selection of free chips, and the shuffling of tiles.

On the screen, you can track the time spent on the task, the number of points earned, and the number of available pairs of tiles.
Daily tasks are available for players. For each puzzle solved, the participant will receive a reward in the form of coins to exchange for a monthly badge. If you miss a task, you can always open the calendar and catch up.

The Microsoft Mahjong game will be the perfect way to relax in your spare time. Immerse yourself in the world of oriental riddles and improve your skills.

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