Mahjong Cook

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Mahjong Cook is a game in which you need to click on two tiles with the same image so that they disappear.

This game can test your attentiveness, and will also accelerate your logical thinking. It has a lot of interesting features and experiences. There are thirty levels in it, but they are very complex and enticing. Starting to play from the first level, you will see a lot of tiles on the playing field. You can do this if they are next to each other horizontally or vertically, or if you can draw a line between them bending no more than three times on the path of which there are no other tiles with pictures. But the task complicates and gives an excitement because of a timer. Time will be constantly decreasing, but each successful move will increase it. It all depends on you and your efforts.

You need to clear the playing field before your time runs out. Otherwise, you will lose the game Mahjong Cook. Thirty exciting levels are waiting for you. You should do your best to complete them all.

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