Mahjong Dogs

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In the game Mahjong Dogs, you will meet many different levels and many charming dogs.

Now you understand why this game cannot be ignored. Mahjong is a popular solitaire puzzle game in the genre of logical games. And this is not surprising, because they are built with complex, but fascinating tasks that develop logical thinking. The rules are as follows. Find two identical tiles and they will disappear from the playing field. The task is to clear the playing field of all the tiles.
The final situation depends on the sequence of player moves. Many players and people of different generations use mahjong to train their logical abilities. Among the advantages, the game develops perseverance and attentiveness.

Start playing Mahjong Dogs now, maybe it will become one of your favourite games. You can do it in one way by finding groups of two identical tiles in it. By clicking on them with the mouse, you will destroy them. If you succeed, then you will automatically receive a bonus on the next level.

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