Mahjong Linker

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In Mahjong Linker game, you need to connect mahjong tiles using a maximum of three lines.

This free game is a good combination of puzzle and speed. You need to think well before you make a move, but you need to be quick because you have limited time to complete each level. In the process, you can enjoy the graphics of the game and the very process of having fun. All the tiles that need to be used in the game are made in Chinese style and have the same style.

Remembering all the tiles between them is not difficult, because there is one hint – this is the number in the corner of each icon. But from below you can watch the strip, which in turn is responsible for the time. Do not think that you will not have time to cope with the game in such a short time. For each move, time is automatically added, so there is plenty of time. To achieve success, one should act calmly and confidently to remove paired items. If you do not know how to make the move correctly, you can ask for a hint. But tips should not be counted many times, as their number is limited.

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